We are but older children, dear…


Paper mache ships, handcrafted by Latrakia


We are but older children, dear,

Who fret to find our bedtime near.


And though the shadow of a sigh

May tremble through the story

For happy summer days’ gone by,

And vanish’d summer glory-

It shall not touch with breath of bale

The pleasance  of our fairy – tale


Lewis Carroll “Alice in wonderland and through the looking glass”



Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

Babe.. you are so vain!

latrakia finery

Earrings from faux leather and golden plated elements, handcrafted by Latrakia


Babe… you are so vain!

All your poses in attitude you take

Such an illusion, either intentionally or accidentally made!

In all of them, sorry I have to tell you…

It is like you are in pain!



Earrings from faux leather, golden plated elements and feathers, handcrafted by Latrakia


Babe… you are so vain!

Wearing your finery, like a peacock in a catwalk

Building a mystery, pretentiously made!

Babe… you are so vain!

I spit in your face, your highness of emptiness!

Oh! Babe why you are so vain?


Concept/Role play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas


The spoken walls…

Latrakia the spoken walls

From a strolling around Mavrommateon, a road at the center of Athens



-Words in the wind your promises…

-I have found you never and nowhere…

-And the moments with you, were prisons of wild life…

-That’s the reason baby I am leaving you…

-Problem… none…

– Free our souls afterwards…


* Have you ever noticed the  messages on the walls? Written other times from angry revolutionary people,  other times from in love people, in despair.

In one or another way they have something to say, something to underline, either pretentious, either spontaneous, either by heart.

Spoken walls, with stories to narrate…

Some of these messages mixed up and a sketch made out, by automatic writing.


Concept: Latrakia

Photo credits: Latrakia

Do you want to play with me?


– Do you want to play with me?


– I will be a princess!


-Will you be my prince?


-Cause after all… being a child is always magic!

Handcrafted puppets by Latrakia for the puppet theater, made by wooden forks, some imagination, pure enthusiasm, little magic dust, few drops of sparkle, enough energy, plenty of joy and infinitive love for three beloved Latrakia V&M&F.



Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas

Are you ready for today’s planet show?

Latrakia (3)

Five oceans people, picturing ourselves in outstanding poses

Me and you, jongleurs in world’s circus scene

Utopian models of another planet, made by pixels

Our size magnified, by big lens of small devices

Adorable lives, with illustration smiles

Blurry personalities, alike behaviors

Washed feelings, matching with perfectionism’s standards

Million of lives patronized by rules

Existing through others’ eyes

Being identified, followed, liked and shared

In a deep need to be recognized

Unfolding the deep of our desires

And still remaining with a gap at heart’s side


Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Dimitris Tsiapas


In which ocean depths you left your courage?

In which ocean depths you left your courage?

Like a frightened animal closed in the cage

Teeth like a shark lurks to rip you for fun


Escape from your fears

Escape from your tears

Take a deep breath

Continuously fighting for more space to survive

Boundary feelings

Screaming wild and loud with an awkward laugh

Straight to the light, there is a gate to escape

latrakia escapism


Concept/Role Play: Latrakia

Photo credits: Antigone Kourakou